How good is you lock?

Over the last year it seems bike theft is on a rise. Last year we had very fw reports of bikes being nicked; this week alone I've had 5. The best way to prevent this is, obviously, with a good lock. Notice i said a good lock.
We can argue what a good lock is for ever. Every lock can be defeated by someone with the know how. Locks are a deterrent, not a absolute stop.
That said, we carry some of the toughest, most secure locks on the market. from simple cable locks, if you're just running into a corner store, or the tough NEW YORK CITY lock from kryptonite with a $1500 guarantee.

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  1. Yup, had my bike stolen this week too. Somebody clipped my cable lock. I'm a fool for using it, I knew it's not safe enough!

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